Dov’è il mio Spazzolino?

Or in English, “Where is my toothbrush?”  You may have been able to translate my title from Italian, and if so, I applaud you.  Why am I blogging about the Italian language?  And why the toothbrush?  Read on. I’m about a month away from a 500-day streak on Duolingo’s Italian course.  500 is my goal,Continue reading “Dov’è il mio Spazzolino?”

Sleep Like a Baby?

Sleeping babies, in my humble opinion, are designed to be so cute that we adults will work hard not to disturb them.  Peaceful sleep – sleep that they obviously need, and that is clearly helping them digest and feed the inner workings of their newly developing bodies — is critical for young life.  We usedContinue reading “Sleep Like a Baby?”

Vacay Every Day

Beach vacations or mountain vacations?   Which getaway does the body the most good?  The Mini has only been to the mountains so far. I have enjoyed both types of trips, and I think I’ve spent about equal time at both.  But I have more childhood memories of the beach.  Family beach camping vacations, day tripsContinue reading “Vacay Every Day”

Connections Make Community – Part 1

I cherish my connections with people.  This is true to the point that I don’t know how much is normal, and how much is due to my spot on the spectrum.  I have shared in an earlier post, Not Seeing Fast Enough, how much I wanted to play baseball.  Maybe some of that was wantingContinue reading “Connections Make Community – Part 1”