Manual Transmission: Shifting Gears through Adulthood with Autism

Dead Air

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was fascinated with radios as a child.  Although I am experimenting with podcasts in the car, I usually listen to the radio.  I switch the stations around based on whatever I like – or don’t like.  Mistakes catch my ear, especially dead air.  I recognize them, becauseContinue reading “Dead Air”

Eliminate! Eliminate!

The Daleks were a recurring enemy in the Doctor Who series that went around destroying people and worlds with one mantra, “Exterminate! Exterminate!” I thought of that mantra often, but exchanged it with a similar sounding word, when a doctor told me that I needed to eliminate some foods to see what some of myContinue reading “Eliminate! Eliminate!”

Picking a Peck

 We did not take the Mini to the Piedmont area last week; we used instead my wife’s larger SUV.  A tighter fit for 4 adults and lots of birthday presents, the Mini stayed home.  This was our annual visit to Carter Mountain, a Charlottesville area orchard spot near Jefferson’s home – Monticello.  It was aContinue reading “Picking a Peck”

My Brain on Movies

When my wife and I started to make a plan about how we would get some help with my autism, most therapists in my area we found only worked with children.  We did, however find one neurofeedback therapist in a counseling practice who was willing to work with adults.  I saw both adolescents and adultsContinue reading “My Brain on Movies”

Tracked Systems Improve

I was aiming for 300,000 miles on my last vehicle before the Mini; that Dodge got to 297K before I had to trade it in on the Paceman.  If I stay on track with my preventive maintenance, perhaps the Mini will last that long too. Working in Continuous Improvement, I help my company find smallContinue reading “Tracked Systems Improve”


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