Manual Transmission: Shifting Gears through Adulthood with Autism

My Brain on Movies

When my wife and I started to make a plan about how we would get some help with my autism, most therapists in my area we found only worked with children.  We did, however find one neurofeedback therapist in a counseling practice who was willing to work with adults.  I saw both adolescents and adultsContinue reading “My Brain on Movies”

Tracked Systems Improve

I was aiming for 300,000 miles on my last vehicle before the Mini; that Dodge got to 297K before I had to trade it in on the Paceman.  If I stay on track with my preventive maintenance, perhaps the Mini will last that long too. Working in Continuous Improvement, I help my company find smallContinue reading “Tracked Systems Improve”

Sweet Home Bass Section

The only instrument I ever played “successfully” was the handbell.  As I acknowledge that many of us immediately think of the hilarious SNL “cowbell” skit, I must redirect all of us to think about the Christmas tune, “Carol of the Bells.”  This may have been the most challenging piece in which I ever participated.  HandbellContinue reading “Sweet Home Bass Section”

Workin’ for the FBI

Did the song pop into your mind?  The Hollies had that great ballad decades ago, “Long Cool Woman.” I looked up the lyrics when the song played in my head thinking about this post and realized I didn’t know half of them.  Did I ever know it was about bootleggers?  Sorry, this story is notContinue reading “Workin’ for the FBI”

Shabbat Shalom

Sometimes I’m sleepy due to my sleep disorders, but other times sleep is not all that I need.  Rest is a fleeting concept in America.  I feel that I am the typical American in this respect:  busy, trying to stay ahead, or more accurately, to keep up with this life.  How will I get itContinue reading “Shabbat Shalom”

Lost at Seaside

One of the unexpected events of my life would be better told by one of my parents.  But my mother is with the Lord, and my dad doesn’t need the stress.  Remembering the stress of a past situation with a missing child, even for a few short minutes, can cause some parents’ blood pressure toContinue reading “Lost at Seaside”


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