Manual Transmission: Shifting Gears through Adulthood with Autism

Weddings Keep Me Engaged

I look forward to retirement in about 10 years, but I don’t want to stop being active, engaged, and a contributor to my family’s needs.  Working has also given me an activity to keep me connected to other people.  I enjoy being involved with people, and don’t want to lose that “muscle.”   One of theContinue reading “Weddings Keep Me Engaged”

Transportation Decisions

While I was at my Transportation Officer Basic Course at Fort Eustis, Virginia, it was the prime of my life.  22 years old – wearing the country’s uniform every day – training with other young hopefuls.  I enjoyed Army training (most of you are looking at me now with that “He does need therapy” look)Continue reading “Transportation Decisions”

Important Stuff

Some people have trouble getting rid of their stuff.  We’ve done a lot over the last few years to downsize and de-accumulate.   Life is so much easier with less to manage.  Some people on the spectrum obsess over certain possessions, but anyone can suffer from a little separation anxiety with something. Part of my jobContinue reading “Important Stuff”

Dead Air

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was fascinated with radios as a child.  Although I am experimenting with podcasts in the car, I usually listen to the radio.  I switch the stations around based on whatever I like – or don’t like.  Mistakes catch my ear, especially dead air.  I recognize them, becauseContinue reading “Dead Air”

Eliminate! Eliminate!

The Daleks were a recurring enemy in the Doctor Who series that went around destroying people and worlds with one mantra, “Exterminate! Exterminate!” I thought of that mantra often, but exchanged it with a similar sounding word, when a doctor told me that I needed to eliminate some foods to see what some of myContinue reading “Eliminate! Eliminate!”

Picking a Peck

 We did not take the Mini to the Piedmont area last week; we used instead my wife’s larger SUV.  A tighter fit for 4 adults and lots of birthday presents, the Mini stayed home.  This was our annual visit to Carter Mountain, a Charlottesville area orchard spot near Jefferson’s home – Monticello.  It was aContinue reading “Picking a Peck”


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