Manual Transmission: Shifting Gears through Adulthood with Autism

Vacay Every Day

Beach vacations or mountain vacations?   Which getaway does the body the most good?  The Mini has only been to the mountains so far. I have enjoyed both types of trips, and I think I’ve spent about equal time at both.  But I have more childhood memories of the beach.  Family beach camping vacations, day tripsContinue reading “Vacay Every Day”

Cool Jackets and Hot Irons

Henry Winkler, Matthew McConaughey, John Wayne, Tom Cruise…are they as cool in real life as the characters they have portrayed?  I’m not.  And I’m not as good of an actor, either.  Oh, I’ve been acting, and sometimes even passing.  But if one uses the Fonzarelli yardstick, I do not measure up to the Hollywood definitionContinue reading “Cool Jackets and Hot Irons”

Hyper-Pro No Mo’

I tried selling life insurance for a short season in my young 30s. It sounded great, helping people move toward financial security, but I wasn’t getting it done. If I had known then what I now know about myself – ASD, ADD, anxiety when things aren’t perfect, “filter problems” – saying the wrong thing –Continue reading “Hyper-Pro No Mo’”

Genetics or Upbringing?

Many studies have been done to tie autism to genetics. Before my diagnosis, I was stood somewhat firmly in the “environment” camp. As a child, and then as a father, I figured we humans were mostly products of the different environments we were subject to. Now I see that it is not an “either/or” thing. Continue reading “Genetics or Upbringing?”


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