Play to Win

There was a sports coach who once said, very forcefully and with staggered speech for emphasis, “You play…to win…the game!” I’m glad professional athletes think that way.  I’m glad that my Hoos think that way, especially as we approach March Madness.  But I’m thinking another way these days.  I want to play to have fun! Continue reading “Play to Win”

Constant Knocking

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Senate.  Not at the Federal level – the state level.  In Virginia, the House of Delegates and the state Senate share an office building across the street from the State Capitol in Richmond.  I shook hands with one delegate, and met the staff of several otherContinue reading “Constant Knocking”

Higher Octane – A Father’s Love

Every year, my wife and a bunch of friends get away to sort through old photos – physical and virtual – reminiscing of days long gone with friends and family.  They call it “scrapbooking,” although I’m not seeing many scrapbooks as a result anymore.  She made some for me from pictures I brought into ourContinue reading “Higher Octane – A Father’s Love”

Spamalot, Scamalot

Since the new year, one of my older email accounts has been the target of about 20 phishing emails a day.  I see on user forums that it’s happening to a lot of people, too.  Phishing, for those of you who think I’ve misspelled something, is the type of spam that wants people to divulgeContinue reading “Spamalot, Scamalot”

Higher Octane – Need a Tutor? Not Anymore!

I wrote some devotional material for a church a few years back. Be encouraged today! Years ago, I tried my hand at professional math tutoring for a few short months.  Wow, that takes patience.  The biggest thing I learned (re-learned, if I’m honest) is that knowing more than the other person doesn’t make you aContinue reading “Higher Octane – Need a Tutor? Not Anymore!”

Camping in the Burbs

It has been a summer of lots of work, some play, and many nights sleeping away from our home.  June was filled with opportunities to see grandchildren and other family.  All this activity included a waterpark, an indoor trampoline park (where we had a 4-year old’s birthday party), and a very welcome chance to seeContinue reading “Camping in the Burbs”

Boldly Going with ASD

Sometimes, my enthusiasms can be another’s irritations.  Not that the thing I am enthusiastic about is irritating in and of itself; it’s me.  I become irritating when I spew my enthusiasm about some things all around, “getting it” all over those around me. This year, May the Fourth was one of those sometimes. Science FictionContinue reading “Boldly Going with ASD”