Bart Shoaf, 50ish male with ASD.

Born in North Carolina, grown in Virginia, with some New Orleans thrown in for flavor.

Bart is not a doctor, and is not offering medical advice. Get that from your doctor or therapist. But he does have stories to share, and if you find something helpful in his experiences, that’s great.

Bart has worked in ministry both full and part-time, but the bulk of his career has been in food manufacturing in the arena of Continuous Improvement – projects that improve quality, cost, and/or speed.

Bart has been married to the same woman for over 30 years, has three adult children and three grandchildren. His Christian faith is the foundation of his life, and is the reason for any success he has in life, work, marriage, and other relationships.

Bart struggled for years with anxiety, social skills, and sleep disorders and was not diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder until his mid 50s. This diagnosis, although painful and confusing at first, has given him a lot of understanding about why he acts and reacts certain ways. He is now on the journey to find “autism life hacks” and hopes to share these with others along the way.

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