Manual Transmission

Manual Transmission: Shifting Gears as an Adult with Autism

The ability, or lack of ability, to regulate oneself is a major concept with the autistic community. I liken it to driving a stick instead of an automatic – like I do with my six speed Mini. I prefer to feel the engine and make adjustments, because I can see the RPMs “relax” or “perform” to what I need, and to what keeps the car healthy. Also, when I’m in the driver’s seat, I can get distracted or lose focus. With a manual transmission, I must pay attention to more than “stop and go.” In my life, as I “drive the autism automobile,” I can take steps to help regulate when the RPMs are starting to sound stressful. This can be taking a few deep breaths, listening instead of thinking of how I want to interrupt, or some other therapeutic step.

I’m Bart, and I’m on the Autism Spectrum. Enjoy my blog! Read more about me on the About page, and feel free to give me your feedback. I do not have advice, but hopefully I can share enough of my life, my struggles and my discoveries to be an encouragement.

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Bart works full-time improving manufacturing and business processes – previously at a food manufacturer, and now at a printing company. Somebody’s gotta do it!