Higher Octane – How Much More

One of my goals at work is to make issues or instructions obvious to others.  I am learning a new program that allows me to produce better, more interactive graphs to make some of the data we have speak to us.  When the numbers are made visual, real problems or real winners stand out.  WhenContinue reading “Higher Octane – How Much More”

Windows Open All Year Long

My nightmares usually fall into these three groups:  I’m late for class and don’t have what I need when I get there, I’m running from a large animal, or I’m delivering the newspaper.  The actual paper route I had for two different periods totaled about eight years, and it made an indelible mark on myContinue reading “Windows Open All Year Long”

Tracked Systems Improve

I was aiming for 300,000 miles on my last vehicle before the Mini; that Dodge got to 297K before I had to trade it in on the Paceman.  If I stay on track with my preventive maintenance, perhaps the Mini will last that long too. Working in Continuous Improvement, I help my company find smallContinue reading “Tracked Systems Improve”

Sweet Home Bass Section

The only instrument I ever played “successfully” was the handbell.  As I acknowledge that many of us immediately think of the hilarious SNL “cowbell” skit, I must redirect all of us to think about the Christmas tune, “Carol of the Bells.”  This may have been the most challenging piece in which I ever participated.  HandbellContinue reading “Sweet Home Bass Section”

Higher Octane – Promise Keeper

This weekend, I took some much needed rest at the beach. Here’s a devotional I wrote during our church’s study of Galatians 3. Keep shiftin’. I traveled to DC years ago to the big Promise Keepers event, Stand in the Gap. Promise Keepers and Coach Mac made an impression on me. I saw men willingContinue reading “Higher Octane – Promise Keeper”