You’re Plucking My Main Nerve

Nerves.  Nervousness.  Is there a relationship between these conductors of information that travel all through our bodies and the state of being “nervous?”  I don’t know if the generation that coined the term “nervous” knew it, but I’m learning that there is a connection. May is Mental Health Awareness month, and I am working onContinue reading “You’re Plucking My Main Nerve”

Dating – Pre and Post Diagnosis

I have not seen the show Love on the Spectrum, but I’ve heard a couple of podcasters talk about it.  It’s a real thing – trying to connect with someone for love and companionship — when connecting with others is one of the basic struggles of non-neurotypical people.   I found myself thinking how blessed IContinue reading “Dating – Pre and Post Diagnosis”

Cool Jackets and Hot Irons

Henry Winkler, Matthew McConaughey, John Wayne, Tom Cruise…are they as cool in real life as the characters they have portrayed?  I’m not.  And I’m not as good of an actor, either.  Oh, I’ve been acting, and sometimes even passing.  But if one uses the Fonzarelli yardstick, I do not measure up to the Hollywood definitionContinue reading “Cool Jackets and Hot Irons”

Cleanliness is Next to Therapy

I scrubbed the oven this past Saturday morning. No foams, no self-cleaning-burn-it-off-smoke-up-the-whole-place method—just old-fashioned vinegar, then soak, then scrub. I’ve had it on my list for about 6 weeks, but my wife has had it on my list for about 3 months. I actually enjoyed the activity. While listening to a couple of my favoriteContinue reading “Cleanliness is Next to Therapy”