Shabbat Shalom

Sometimes I’m sleepy due to my sleep disorders, but other times sleep is not all that I need.  Rest is a fleeting concept in America.  I feel that I am the typical American in this respect:  busy, trying to stay ahead, or more accurately, to keep up with this life. 

OK, Fitbit, thanks for the update. Now can I take a break?

How will I get it all done if I stop?  Rest?  When?  I hear Minis tend to run hot, so I keep a close watch on the oil and fluid levels.  I must cut the engine off to perform these checks properly.  Fortunately, there is a gas gauge on the dash!  Running out of gas physically or mentally can be damaging, too.

Sometimes we substitute rest for screen time – I know I do.  Some of my favorite naps have been in front of a movie or a football game.  Oh, it’s not that I didn’t plan to enjoy the televised show or event.  But my body got a different idea after a few minutes of being still. 

Does my mind need rest that isn’t sleep?  What should I do with my mind while doing this rest?

I realize I’ve asked a lot of questions so far.  I still have a long way to go to understand specifically how I should rest.  The American 5-day work week isn’t equating to 2 days of rest.  Some weekends are just as busy as workdays.  I have gotten better about carving out some time rest time on the weekends by focusing on my to-do list on Saturdays.  This usually makes Sunday a little less task oriented and more restful. 

I noticed in the crowd-sourced app-driven new show about the life of Jesus, The Chosen, that the Jews greeted each other with more than simply “Shalom” if it was the Sabbath.  “Shabbat Shalom.”  A rabbi online makes it clear that this is still Hebrew custom – to wish each other a Sabbath of peace.  Do we mean the same thing in typical American culture if we say, “Have a good weekend?”  Maybe.  But it seems more powerful, more focused, more spiritual to say, “Shabbat Shalom.”  Maybe I’ll start saying it, too. 

Muscles need to be used and stretched to stay in their best shape, and they need to be rested.  Leg day gives the chest the day off.  I remember reading a book years ago that applied this same type of thinking to all of life, even business success.  I can rest, and the world will not crumble.  I may even perform better the next day after having properly rested.

Reading is probably my favorite restful activity.  I usually take more books to the beach than I can read, and I don’t worry if I don’t finish them.  Sitting by the pool or the ocean with a book tends to take me to that perfect zone of relaxation.  As mentioned in an earlier post, we have planned for a few beach days of rest coming up soon; here’s hoping the weather and fellow travelers cooperate. If not, we will keep shiftin’. Shabbat Shalom, even if your day of rest is not for a few more days!

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Blogging about victories and challenges as a middle-aged man with a late diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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