Higher Octane Debut

The Mini is running well and I am trying to keep it that way.  One of its peculiarities is the requirement of premium fuel. Premium has more octane; this reduces engine knock and keeps things clean and efficient.  A few cents more per gallon, but well worth it – especially as I think about the longevity of the car.  One of the big box club stores has highly rated gasoline at a reduced price, so it works out for my wallet, too.

Some folks do not heed the fuel advice of the manufacturer; I’m thinking they know best.

What do I need to run efficiently?  As a person? To perform, to win at this thing called life, Autism or not?

I’ve been sharing my stories, my life hacks, therapies; physically, nutrition is the key for all of our bodies to run their best.  Eat higher octane food, cleaner food, food that works better, and food that leaves behind the least contaminants in the “engine.” I will be sharing more of my personal food challenges and victories in future posts.

I have worked hard on nutrition the last couple of years.  But I believe there is a higher octane for my soul as well.  I would not be true to the faith that hasn’t just kept me going, but has made my whole life worth living — if I did not give credit to Jesus.

I was raised in church, and at age 13, I started the Higher Octane life.  I believed.  Just made sense.  I couldn’t turn down His love for me.  At that point in my life, I was a squeaky clean kid, made very good grades, and obeyed my parents about 90% of the time – good enough, right?  But I learned that no matter how good I had done at those things, that wasn’t what my Heavenly Father needed from me.  He needed my whole heart.  So I gave it to Him.

Has the car of my life been on the straight and narrow road since then?  I’ve made mistakes, bad decisions, huge messes…and the “Bartmobile” has been on the side of the road a few times, needing a tow, or a new tire, or a gallon of gas from a fellow believer to make it to the next fuel stop.  It’s not always easy living the Christian life.  But when I look at the road Jesus had to take – for my benefit – it gives me great perspective on the smallness of my problems and the greatness of this God who “totaled” his life for me, and then defeated death on my behalf.

Has life been a bowl of cherries ever since? No, but cherries taste better now when they show up.

My desire is to start a second blog, a second category, another “column” or something that is more devotional. This Higher Octane of my life is huge in how I cope with the stress of life and my newer diagnosis of ASD.  Maybe you have feedback, positive or negative; I’d like to hear it.  Just like all aspects of my life, I am still learning. I have a lot of polishing to do on myself, and on how to blog. This is a major shift, a 7th gear, and I don’t want to sell it short.  But my Father’s love for me cannot stay in the glove compartment.

For those of you who aren’t comfortable with this shift, I understand and I hope that you’ll stick with Manual Transmission.  Once I learn how to organize and provide the Higher Octane posts as an optional read, folks can come to this gas station and pick the fuel that works for them.  Have a blessed drive!

Published by Bart Shoaf

Blogging about victories and challenges as a middle-aged man with a late diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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