Weddings Keep Me Engaged

I look forward to retirement in about 10 years, but I don’t want to stop being active, engaged, and a contributor to my family’s needs.  Working has also given me an activity to keep me connected to other people.  I enjoy being involved with people, and don’t want to lose that “muscle.”   One of theContinue reading “Weddings Keep Me Engaged”

Transportation Decisions

While I was at my Transportation Officer Basic Course at Fort Eustis, Virginia, it was the prime of my life.  22 years old – wearing the country’s uniform every day – training with other young hopefuls.  I enjoyed Army training (most of you are looking at me now with that “He does need therapy” look)Continue reading “Transportation Decisions”

Beef Wellington with a Side of Trepidation

Cooking is fun to me, but I am usually too distracted by my hunger to spend a lot of time with it.  I’ll heat some pasta sauce, add some extra spices, throw it on some chickpea pasta and I’m in my happy place.  Fortunately, my wife’s cooking skills, bound with love for her family, haveContinue reading “Beef Wellington with a Side of Trepidation”

Higher Octane – Let’s Make a Deal

We focus on thanksgiving & gratitude for a few weeks, and then we are pointed to celebrating the birth of the One who has given us the best deal ever: deliverance. I wrote about the connection between Abraham trying to make a deal with God and the deal God provided for us in this HigherContinue reading “Higher Octane – Let’s Make a Deal”

Do I Hear the Wheels Spinning?

My father tells me that my great-great-grandfather was a Dutchman.  My middle name is passed down from that heritage – Holland.  Hoping to visit the Netherlands one day, I was pleased to read a sizeable description of Dutch culture in the book, Niksen, Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing.  The author, Olga Mecking, hasContinue reading “Do I Hear the Wheels Spinning?”