Dov’è il mio Spazzolino?

Or in English, “Where is my toothbrush?”  You may have been able to translate my title from Italian, and if so, I applaud you.  Why am I blogging about the Italian language?  And why the toothbrush?  Read on. I’m about a month away from a 500-day streak on Duolingo’s Italian course.  500 is my goal,Continue reading “Dov’è il mio Spazzolino?”

Sleep Like a Baby?

Sleeping babies, in my humble opinion, are designed to be so cute that we adults will work hard not to disturb them.  Peaceful sleep – sleep that they obviously need, and that is clearly helping them digest and feed the inner workings of their newly developing bodies — is critical for young life.  We usedContinue reading “Sleep Like a Baby?”

Vacay Every Day

Beach vacations or mountain vacations?   Which getaway does the body the most good?  The Mini has only been to the mountains so far. I have enjoyed both types of trips, and I think I’ve spent about equal time at both.  But I have more childhood memories of the beach.  Family beach camping vacations, day tripsContinue reading “Vacay Every Day”

Connections Make Community – Part 1

I cherish my connections with people.  This is true to the point that I don’t know how much is normal, and how much is due to my spot on the spectrum.  I have shared in an earlier post, Not Seeing Fast Enough, how much I wanted to play baseball.  Maybe some of that was wantingContinue reading “Connections Make Community – Part 1”

Uniquely Driving while Uniquely Human

My Mini Cooper S Paceman is a 2013 model, manufactured in Austria.  BMW made the decision to eliminate the Paceman from their lineup and begin using the plant in Austria in 2015 to make room for more BMW models.  It makes my car a little more unique.  I hope to keep it running for aContinue reading “Uniquely Driving while Uniquely Human”